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Conversations: Gateways to Teaching & Learning

Highlighting some resources to read and explore to inform the shaping of our future world scenarios and possible design interventions for webmaker learning: What would you add to or change in this evolving set of Webmaker Literacies?   How would you visually represent and/or reframe the definition of web literacies? As a product for potential Webmaker […]

Conversations: Future Worlds

Highlighting readings for next week as we bridge to imagining future worlds as a technique to explore possible design interventions. IFTF’s Map of the Decade incorporates signals of transformation to inform its scenarios and artifacts from the future.  What have we identified thus far in our mappings and discussions that might serve as signals? Beyond Current […]

Conversations: Principles Embedded in Tools and Learning Communities

Highlighting some posts to consider and jog our thinking: The essay “Learnable Programming” offers some punchy thought experiments and design principles for creating a programming system for learning.  As we observe and imagine the products+communities that can empower future webmakers and how they learn, which of these design principles most resonate with you?  How are […]

Conversations: Losing the Web?

Highlighting some posts to consider and jog our thinking: Anil Dash’s “The Web We Lost” post attracted healthy attention.  Do you agree?  What has been enabled and disabled for people as individuals and communities of webmakers? Is it now harder to “open the hood” of the web, and increase the significance of teaching massive numbers […]