How might an organization like Mozilla continually adapt itself for the future? How might what Mozilla creates shape our collective future? This Parsons studio elective will engage with Mozilla’s Learning Team to investigate and propose designs for a future where everyone is a maker of the web. Future-oriented scenarios will simultaneously propose and interrogate what web literacy will mean; what products that enable webmakers will need to look like; and how a community-driven contribution environment will exchange ideas. The scenarios will provide a design-led framework for informing the evolution of Mozilla’s webmaker products and community communication tools.
In the first part of the studio, students will explore possible worlds through games, simulations and/or narrative to research and illuminate future-oriented scenarios. In the latter half, students will work in small teams to prototype design interventions that respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by the scenarios.

The partnership affords a space for the students to co-design with the Mozilla community. This participatory approach will be defined by a key workshop in the semester where various stakeholders come together to  design both provocative and practical prototypes that enable us to collectively transform the future of web making.


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