Session 15: Proposing

From design fiction as a technique to question for the future, to investigations of the current, over the course of the semester we have been unpacking Webmaker needs, learning motivations, and product environments.   Today we’re joined by folks from Mozilla to share and discuss proposed interventions.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Project Presentations (10-15 mins, followed by 10 minutes Q&A discussion)
  • Takeaways Discussion – on intersection of Webmakers/Webmaker communities, tools/products, and learning
    • To complement voice time – hop on the pad.

Webmaker Interventions Proposals:

We do not webmake alone.

Proposing the need for an Expertise Exchange (click for full presentation in powerpoint) and engineering karma (measurements of helpfulness in a skills economy).

Who is empowered through badging?  Historically, validation has usually rested with institutions.   What might be the added value in community defining of skills.  Especially for non-traditional skills, this presentation offers one model for facilitating individual and community proposing, voting, and validating of badges.   Ultimately tied to questions of relevance, it also considers what is shown and future ways to more dynamically personalize the display of multiple forms of evidence linked to “backpacks.”



Validating Validators – Community Badging (click to view full presentation)

Validating Validators Takeaways (click to view)

Yet another group choose to narrow in on webmakers who want to learn how to code (and advance beyond a novice level).  A quick survey of the landscape segwayed into a proposal for better Social Coding environments (click to view full presentation)

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.20.58 AM

Echoing that theme, a final group proposed a “GIT for everyone” and ways to better connect people and knowledge in the making of projects across web spaces.  This included machine learning to automatically surface people with appropriate skills for a project, and ways to look at alternative code blocks by various people before committing.  (In wireframe diagrams, mods to Thimble colored in pink)




GIT-4 Everyone  (Click to view full presentation)


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