Session 14: Prototyping + Storytelling

Prototyping can be a form of questioning.  “Leave space for interpretation in an object but enough clues with which to pick up a story.”

Today’s Agenda:

  • Updates (5 min)
  • Round Robin Crits of Prototypes in Progress + Proposed Plan for Presenting (40 min)
    • What remains questionable and/or confusing about the proposed design intervention?
  • Make Time : Component to Work on (75 min)
    • Low-fidelity Prototype (paper, digital, enacted)
    • Journey Maps or User scenaiors
    • Brief project description (ID question, need, and intervention)
    • Design of and Materials for final presentation (format = 15 minutes per group w/ 10 min Q&A)
  • Recent Prod Development Context (5 min): Where does it bump up against proposed design interventions?
  • Techniques and Ideas (5 min):  The exploration of both design fiction and today’s reality have offered lenses into interrogating and provoking discussion about webmaker motivations, learning needs, and possible design interventions.
  • Course reflections (20 minutes) – Hop on

To-Do/To-Make Next:

Final presentations to Mozilla including low-fidelity prototype and descriptive components



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