Session 13: Prototyping

Like a picture, a prototype can be worth a thousand words.  Low fidelity prototypes should be intentionally malleable.  Prototyping is the tangible making of artifacts at various levels of resolution for furthering and testing out ideas.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Round Robin Crits of Prototypes in Progress + Use Cases (45 min)
    • What remains questionable and/or confusing about the proposed design intervention?
    • What user-info or further research do you need to do or find out?
  • Make Time : Iterate on Your Prototypes (70 min)
    • Round 1
    1. 5 min Decide on one interface or interaction to rethink
    2. 10 min Individually sketch, paper prototype it out or write the rules for roleplaying
    3. 10 mins Share within group and discuss which you like best
    • Round 2
    1. 25 min Add a new element to your design intervention
    2. 20 min Share w/ class for feedback
  • Rapid Journey Map Sketch (20 minutes)
  • Discuss Techniques for Final Share (15 min)

To-Do/To-Make Next:

Refined version of prototype and outline of format for your team’s share.

Select Sketches generated Today:

Below, considering ways to find project collaborators and incentives for webmaking collaborations or trading webmaking skills.

ea17f0384ccc79878dff48634d862922 people-wireframe project-wireframe

Below, considering mechanisms for community issued/validated “badges” through voting periods.


Click for PDF wireframes –  Badge 1


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