Session 12: Digesting Feedback + Prototyping

Jumping off our lively exchange with Mozilla’s Mentor Team last week, over the next 3 classes we’ll be developing your design intervention ideas into a preliminary prototype of a solution that can be interacted with to solicit response to.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Process materials and feedback from workshop with Mozilla (20 min)
    • What did you learn about the potential and limitations of your ideas?
    • What is the main assumption you had that was shaken?
    • What user-info or further research do you need to do or find out?
    • How might you pivot the next iteration of your proposition / intervention?
  • Prototyping Methods – Examples (5 minutes)
    • Paper or Digital Prototype
    • Enactment
    • Installation/Object
    • Journey Maps
  • Define Challenge and Scope for Design Intervention (15 min)
    • Identify/articulate your team’s core question
    • Name the unmet webmaker need that your team is designing in response to
    • Set constraints: audience/technology/prototype method
  • Make Time : Rapid Prototyping Exercise  (90 min)
    • Round 1
    1. 5 min Decide on design intervention (product/communication/community)
    2. 30 min Wireframe out 2-3 key features/interactions or story board out 5+ frames
    3. 10 mins Feedback
    • Round 2
    1. 5 min Decide on an alternative intervention (product/communication/community)
    2. 30 min Wireframe out 2-3 key features/interventions or story board 5 + frames
    3. 10 min Feedback

To-Do/To-Make Next:

First rough version of prototype and description of a use case (paragraph or storyboard)

Select Sketches generated Today:

Below, considering ideas for how a persons’ makes across web spaces might be consolidated, and ways for socially connecting to relevant resources or people with similar interests to help one webmake.

Social Connectivness

Social Connectedness Finding

Below, considering ideas for community issued/validated “badges”.   Beyond institutional issued “badges”, a way for a community to contribute to and vote on the types of and requirements for being skillful in any proposed area.

Community Badges


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