Session 11: Workshopping with Mozilla Mentor Team

Folks from Mozilla’s Mentor Team join today’s class and will rotate across the 4 groups of interactive shares (in pairs for 30 minute at each station)

More of a recap will be added to this post after class.

For now, hop on today’s pad.

To consider after we rotate stations and for our end discussion:

  • Which ideas and questions resonated with you the most / why?
  • What new thoughts were provoked about needs and possible design interventions?
  • How do you think the web 5 years from now will pose different learning opportunities and challenges for the webmaker and/or the webmaker Mentor?

Select Concepts in Progress Workshopped:

Below, for an interactive exchange, one station created a card deck to surface unexpected people, platforms, and tools that a community could help a Maker identify.




and then discussed how to Connect Webmakers & Webmaker Spaces <– click to see Slides

Another station started through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich making exercise (one person guiding the second whose eyes are closed) to bridge into an exploration of how to showcase soft skills, the need for a different kind of future “resume/portfolio”, the power dynamics of badge creation/authorization, and a Webmaker’s online identity.


The two other stations used a series of flow diagrams to engage Mozilla’s Mentor Team in discussing the opportunities and challenges of learning through social coding.  The different cases of novice vs intermediate vs expert Webmakers, in terms of motivations and types of relevant projects, led to questions about the role of mentors and mentor incentives as well as questions about being able to find complementarily skilled individuals to collaborate with (vs. needing to learn and do everything oneself).



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