Session 10: Designing Interactive Share

We’re fresh back from spring break.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Reflections on Parson’s sharing (10 minutes)
  • Picking options (15 minutes)
  • Make Time – Group breakout.  (120 minutes)  Design an interactive share.  Consider:
    • What questions will you be posing to the Mozilla Mentor Team?
    • What Webmaker needs and motivations are you spotlighting?  (articulate clearly)
    • What design interventions (product or community) will you be proposing?
    • How will the interaction be structured? (should not be a one-sided presentation)
    • How will you solicit alternative design interventions and feedback?
    • More Tips (click to read)

Use this time to clarify roles and responsibilities, and begin the development of materials.

  • Questions and scheduling of OH (15 minutes)


Linkpack of emerging Mozilla Webmaker experiments: 


To-Do/To-Make Next:

  • Email workshop materials by Thurs 18th 10AM

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