Our Question:

What are techniques for the interactive sharing of alternative worlds to highlight open questions about designing for webmaker learning and proposing design interventions?

Today’s Agenda:

  • Quick Share (5 minutes): Hop on today’s MoPad
    • What’s your world’s name?
    • What is the question(s) posed by your world?
  • Comparing examples: Urgent Evoke and EdZed Omega and Happiness Kit in Talks
  • Guest Speaker: Christopher Sanderson from The Future Laboratory
  • Make: Evolution of a Scenario Breakout
    •  Round 1: Frame, Propose, Prototype, Evaluate (30 minutes)
      • Frame: condition/challenge/situation around learning webmaking and/or challenge around webmaker literacies(what’s the key question(s) to Mozilla) (5 mins)
      • Propose: What’s your scenario within the possible world (5 mins)
      • Prototype two variables that focus on how the scenarios reveal key questions/ motivations (10 mins)
      • Evaluate peer-to-peer with person from another team (10 mins)
    • Round 2: Frame, Propose, Prototype, Evaluate (30 minutes)
      • Propose: A community or product intervention that illuminates the scenario
      • Prototype: two variables that focus on how the intervention WORKS or FEELS
      • Evaluate group-to-group with another team (10 mins)
    • Round 3: Frame, Propose, Prototype, Evaluate (40 minutes)
      • Propose: Individually propose how you might share your world, scenario and intervention with others for critique.
      • Prototype: 2 processes – Parsons share and Mozilla team share.
      • Evaluate within your group (20 minutes)

Talks Slides: 

To-Do/To-Make Next:

  • Email in Round 1-3
  • First iteration of world sharing tool for desk crit
  • Brief link investigations in Conversations (to be posted)

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