Session 7: World Shaping

Our Question:

What drivers and signals can we draw from our investigations to give shape to possible worlds, its potentials, and liabilities?  What alternative worlds best highlight open questions about designing for webmaker learning?

Today’s Agenda:

  • Discuss Mozilla questions and answers.  Add your reflections and ideas on today’s etherpad (hop on)
  • World Name Game
    • Jot down as many world names with 1 sentence tag (5 minutes)
    • Share: Can the Mozilla discussion help us to pinpoint specific worlds that need to be investigated?
    • Signals Scramble: Brainstorm Signals onto cards + Find Trends
    • Share: Do they/How do they map onto the worlds?
  • Questions on Scenario Design
    • Synthesis of scenario planning, learning from future worlds, and design fiction
  • Make:  Teaming Up  to Flesh Out Future Worlds
    • Form groups and identify whether a community or product intervention.
    • Round Robin:  State (1) More interested in community or product intervention, (2) Top 2 worlds of interest
    • Iterate on underlying question and world – identifying the driver(s), signal(s) and potential artifact(s)
  • Share: Where are the sites/community of learning (e.g. ind, home, school, etc)

Ways of Contributing to Thinking:

Web Literacy Diagrams as Thinking

Video Thoughts: Gateways to Teaching & Learning

Twitter Code Class

Webmaker Mentors Video
[pageview url=”” height=”403px” border=”yes’]

To-Do/To-Make Next:

  • As a group build out your alternate world by exploring the social, material and technological implications of your future.  You should explore: a) personas that focus on different people’s motivations for webmaking and b) grounded scenarios that focus on use cases that explore how new technologies, experiences, resources might shape learning to be a webmaker in these worlds.
  • Ideas for engaging your peer community
  • Readings posted under “Conversations


  1. Matthew W · · Reply

    Observations/investigations of where Webmaker exists…

    I joined the google plus community last week. There wasn’t much conversation to join and I felt hesitant as an outsider to start a thread myself. I did follow a prompt there to vote popcorn in the .net awards.

    I drafted a tweet with #webmaker but did not post it. It was a link to but it felt contrived. It’s an odd thing to try and insert yourself in a community.

    1. Matthew W · · Reply


      My Persona for Moz Dev network doesn’t allow me to login into Mozilla Wiki yet. My IP is currently blocked from creating an account there. 😦

      While looking at … I clicked “join mozilla” in the footer to see what jobs they might have. This took me to a donation page. It was unexpected, but I was intrigued by a link that said “Would you like to edit this page?” This was a great teaser to join their open network of contributors. That page ( was a very inviting intro to their community. Maybe even better than the community via twitter, google plus, mozilla dev network or mozilla wiki.

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