Session 4: Critiquing Maps + Personas Possibilities

Our Question

How can we visually represent the world of webmaking in new ways to map possibilities and connect to what drives people to make on the web?

Driven by Need:

How Might We identify core needs that support our professional, social and intellectual well-being that can motivate people to learn webmaking?

Driven by Community:

How Might We identify specific social contexts that will drive people to want to be part of a community?

Driven by Action:

How Might We identify the tools, practices, processes, artifacts that trigger people to want to make online?

Today’s Agenda:

  • Viewing Your Visualizations: Let’s share our ideas, questions, and critiques on today’s etherpad (hop on)
  • Provocations:  Design principles, Philosophies, and Circles of Influence (slides below)
  • Sketching Personas (some existing personas)
  • Bringing It Together


Works in Progress:   

SocialConnection_SungWon_Gena Social Connection and Relationships (click img to view)

YoungAndNews (click link to view)

Amateur Professional Networks (click link to view)

WebmakerNovicetoExpert Doc1 and WebmakersNovicetoExpert Doc2(click links to view)

PosterBeginnersInDesign Collaborate(click on link and on img to view)


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