Session 2: Immerse and Make

If you haven’t completed our “Getting to Know You” survey yet, please do.

Our Question

How do dimensions of a maker of the web map against making tools, learning needs, and community?   

Today’s Agenda

  • Revisiting Personas and Dimensions
  • Challenge 1: Mapping Possibilities
  • Wear A Web Maker’s Shoes: Dissecting Mozilla Webmaker Products & Community

Mini Mapping Assignment

Here it is

Collaborative Note-making 

During the last bit, we will try hive-minding and  live group note-taking on Etherpad.   Here’s a pad set up for today (sign in and add on).

Here’s an example of how Mozillians use etherpad (their MoPad), over a conference call an empty one was quickly populated in real time with questions and information: MoPad Feb5 (click out line 217, who’s missing? what dimensions are missing?)

Link Pack

In response to the question: “What is the most awesome thing you’ve recently seen made on the web?”  These are some of your answers so far:

How would you interpret this list so far?

Per the new norm, feel free to comment and converse on this site’s posts.


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